Health Bill? Whose Health?

The Obama-inspired “Health” Bill they passed – so they could tell us what was in it – well, they conveniently forgot to tell us what was in it. Again.

Will we EVER find out what is in this Obamacare Bill? Maybe the best thing to do is just repeal it. No; I know the best thing to do is repeal it.

Check this Health Care feature out:

The Democrat congress passes a health care bill that TRACKS virtually all GOLD (I doubt it only track coins; but maybe) PURCHASES AND SALES; and fails to tell voters about it. (And where please are the “journalists” we rely on to watch what government is doing?)

As government and its “Federal Reserve Bank” destroy the American dollar, which Obama would like ELIMINATED as a world reserve currency, it only makes sense to prepare to seize the gold owned by Americans (again). Otherwise, there may not be much wealth for Obama to spread around. That would be a nightmare.

…[s]tarting on January 1st in 2012, US federal law will require coin and bullion dealers to report to the Internal Revenue Service all gold and silver coin purchases and sales greater than $600.

No that is not an error, they tacked the gold coin tracking regulations into the health bill. They are just tacking stuff on wherever they can.

More here: Health Care Bill Mandates Tracking of Your Gold and Silver Coin Purchases Doug Ross @ Journal

Welcome to Central Planning U.S.A.

Like East Germany in the sixties, the Obama Democrats are turning the country into a statist’s dream of authoritarian government, central planning and — ultimately — slavery.

Thousands and thousands of pages of new laws — replete with payoffs, bribery and benefits for special interests — will be filled in with tens of thousands of pages of regulations.

New bureaucracies, agencies and offices will control more and more aspects of your life. How much you can eat. What kind of health care you can receive. How much money you can earn and save.

This is only the first phase — accomplished in less than two years — by a federal government so out-of-control that the founders of this country wouldn’t recognize it. Consider what the next few years will hold unless we obliterate the Democrat Party in November.

And from the ACLU hippies and media drones? Crickets are chirping as the White House begins its surveillance of your money and your body.


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