Jeremiah Wright and Obama ARE STILL SLAVES!

Altbough they occupy the richest domiciles imaginable, the “haves and the have mores” Jeremiah Wright and his student Obama ARE STILL SLAVES. Wright and Obama are still riding the slave ship (below the deck)!

It is amazing to wake up in Obama’s POST AMERICA and find out that THE PRESIDENT IS STILL A SLAVE; and HIS PREACHER IS STILL A SLAVE; and they are trapped on a slave ship, forever.

The slave business has become lucrative, indeed. Why are Obama and Wright redistributing nothing? The spend what they want and live where they choose. They own more slaves than I do. They own ALL THE SLAVES; but I am to pay for their ownership, because THEY ARE STILL SLAVES; chained on a slave ship.

Maybe they are pathological liars, and not slaves at all. Marxists? Not really. Pathological liars. Junior Marxists.

The business of Obama and Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan is to UNITE THE SLAVES. And they find some to unite. Enough to make a GREAT business. In uniting the slaves, they divide America. Do they help the slaves? Not even in the short run. But long term, other people’s money will run out; and when it does, Wright and Obama and Farrakhan will still be rich. And they will still be slaves, because it’s all they know. It is all they care to know. It is their business; their clients are whomever can be enticed to climb on their slave ship with them.

Obama’s Marxist Religion Requires Politicians to Redistribute the Wealth (Video) Gateway Pundit

To end racism in America, we must now elect a black (American, this time) president who is NOT a slave.


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  1. […] Like her boss Obama and his moral compass Jeremiah Wright, Sherrod is not just still a racist. She is still a slave. […]

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