What Is Community Organizing?

I have often wondered what community organizers actually do all day; besides diverting tax dollars into criminal activities. At least, we can be certain they are NOT improving real estate!

Here; this is community organizing:

The Democrat Voter Fraud Playbook is as follows:

1. ACORN registers the names, legitimate or not.
2. Black Panther, SEIU and other “community organizer” groups intimidate people, especially minorities, from voting Republican.
3. Voter lists remain unscrubbed of felons, dead people, and illegal immigrants.
4. On Election Day, precinct workers submit any unused ballots for Democrat candidates.
5. Democrat officials and politicians pretend like nothing happened.

It’s as easy as that to steal an election

organize a community.

Organizing communities is what qualified Obama to be president, according to him. That, and not having a valid US birth certificate.

Story here: Democrat Voter Fraud is Far More Widespread Than You Think


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