Lessons in Government Credibility

Blockquote 1:

The District of Columbia recently said its office of risk management had failed to transfer to life insurance companies as much as $6 million deducted from disabled employees’ paychecks…

…failure to pay the premiums collected may stretch back seven years.

Blockquote 2:

US officials Sunday insisted that a deep cover Russian spy network never managed to pass on any classified information

    despite working in the United States for more than a decade.

“These individuals have been monitored for quite some time. They tried but they never got classified information and intelligence,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Blockquote 1: District reports that millions in insurance bills went unpaid for its disabled employees

Blockquote 2: White House: Russian Spies Didn’t Get Secrets

In the case of blockquote 2, Gibbs forgot to specify: the Russian spy network was monitored by GOVERNMENT.

Moreover, in the case of blockquote 2, it is impossible even for an idiot to prove such a claim. The lesson is, Obama needs Russian pals; regardless of what damage they did. Just like Obama needed affordable mortgages, regardless of the catastrophic damage they did.

Government has now taken control of several major industries including banking, notably after government destroyed mortgage banking by requiring banks to write bad, affordable, home mortgages that banks knew could not be repaid.

Whoops. I forget the very best part. Government, and Robert Gibbs’ boss, now runs your health care! Ouch.

Don’t you wish Obama needed you.


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