Obama Forces BP Into Negotiations – With Obama’s ME Arab King

Remember Obama demonstrating subservience to the Arab king Abdullah?

Obama is making good on his demonstrated obeisance. Obama’s presidency may soon pay off big – for Arab kings! Better for Arab kings, than for greedy capitalist business in the US, is what Obama must be thinking. Get America out of the nasty oil business; brilliant economic coup.

First, we should agree that US federal government regulation of oil producers has been another tragic mistake; government cannot regulate borders; government cannot regulate the home loan industry; nor can it regulate oil drilling, nor can it conceivably regulate health care, in case it matters. Government is simply not answerable for its mistakes. Government reacts inefficiently or incorrectly to its own errors.

Would it trouble you if BP was pushed by Obama into the hands of his Arab partners, middle-east oil interests?

That is precisely where international genius Obama has driven BP. Never let a crisis go to waste! Alinsky, if he had a soul, would be proud of his student Obama. If capitalism stubbornly does not destroy itself, Obama’s government has what it takes to finish the job.

At the same time Obama FUNDS offshore exploration at Petrobras, in partnership with George Soros and China.

Obama’s oil policy: Oil for Arabs, oil for Red China, oil for George Soros; but America has already had its oil.


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