Obama Ejects Diamond Offshore From Gulf Drilling

Where will Diamond Offshore now produce oil?


The first Diamond Offshore drilling rig is going bye-bye; Obama is rejoicing at the job losses in America. His plans require more government FEMA camp workers, and he will take whatever cash he wants from greedy capitalist Americans to pay the formerly productive workers less than Diamond Offshore did. Obama has a sixth sense about when he can be a hero while he crushes the greatest civilization which ever existed. He is all Alinsky, all the time.

Intellect Obama is reducing American dependence on foreign oil, as he has promised (? oops) not, I guess.

Obama’s administration is also open and transparent not, I guess.

Welcome to Obama’s Long March for America.

It Begins… First Oil Rig Relocates From Gulf to Foreign Waters Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has the story.


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