Dividing America (Change)

Here (video below) are some Obama campaign workers assisting voters to understand the issues, as only they can.

All charges were dropped! The Obama administration has no more interest in free elections than it does in American borders or in American industry. We see this also in Obama’s relationships with ACORN and SEIU. ACORN vote fraud is pervasive and unpunished. Constitutional expert? The most malignant enemy of the US Constitution, we charge with defending it?

That Obama change begins in the voting booth, is the surest evidence that America is being reduced, and divided.

Obama’s scotoma is capitalism, free markets, and what was the greatest civilization in the history of the world, before his pernicious infestation upon it.

Obama damns the US Constitution, by his actions. See the video.

Story here: Whitewashing black racism; Shabazz: “Prepare for war”


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  1. […] I happen to be a “cracker” then voting in freedom from intimidation is not on Obama’s changed Bill of Rights for […]

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