Obama: Oil Cleanup Postponed Indefinitely

Obama is busy on Google Earth cataloging all world golf courses.

It was Bush who left offshore drilling a disaster; if anybody should clean up the mess, let Bush do it. Obama has washed his hands in this matter.

Besides, in times of crisis, Obama can do what he never thought possible before. Like skyrocket energy prices to greedy capitalist Americans. Why clean up the very crisis that empowers the Obama White House to do as it pleases?

Day 68 of Gulf Oil Spill: As Oil Slick Threatens Gulf States – There Are NO Oil Skimmers Off Mississippi Coast

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, June 27, 2010, 11:34 AM

It’s Day 68 of the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster–
The oil continues to leak- The Obama Administration and federal government continue to fail.

** The feds have only accepted assistance from 5 of 28 countries.
** It took the Obama Administration 53 days to accept help from the Dutch and British.
** It took them 58 days to mobilize the US military to the Gulf.
** The feds shut down crude-sucking barges due to fire extinguisher concerns.
** The Obama Administration ignore oil boom manufacturers that have miles of product stockpiled in their warehouses.
** They only have moved 31 of 2,000 oil skimmers to the disaster area off of Florida.
** Florida hired an additional 5 skimmer boats to operate off its coast due to federal inaction.
** The feds shut down sand berm dredging off the Louisiana coast.
** The president continues to hit the golf course, ball games, hold BBQ’s and party while the crude oil washes up on shore.

Now, we find out that there are no oils skimmers off the coast of Mississippi either.
McClatchy reported:

A morning flight over the Mississippi Sound showed long, wide ribbons of orange-colored oil for as far as the eye could see and acres of both heavy and light sheen moving into the Sound between the barrier islands. What was missing was any sign of skimming operations from Horn Island to Pass Christian.

U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor got off the flight angry.

“It’s criminal what’s going on out there,” Taylor said minutes later. “This doesn’t have to happen.”

A scientist onboard, Mike Carron with the Northern Gulf Institute, said with this scenario, there will be oil on the beaches of the mainland.

“There’s oil in the Sound and there was no skimming,” Carron said. “No coordinated effort.”

Taylor said it was a good thing he didn’t have a mic in the helicopter, because he might have said some things he didn’t want his children to hear.

Remember: Obama told us the Oil Spill Disaster was like 9-11.

Obama’s Oil Spill Crisis is like 9-11? What a jerk.


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