Obama: America Will Now Suck

US can ‘no longer drive global growth’ promises Obama.

This is according to the most optimistic of Obama prognosticators: Tax Cheat Tim Geithner.

Obviously, morons Obama and Geithner are “hoping” to shore up the US dollar as the international reserve currency. Hey do you have any assets denominated in US dollars, which dollar Obama openly now seeks to destroy? I think that’s all you have. Obama wishes you good luck; in the next life perhaps. In this life, you belong to Obama. Obama is pleased to determine the fate of the US dollar; between golf rounds.

Obama’s retainer Soros will drive global growth – which means he will drive cash into his pocket; and OUT OF THE POCKETS OF AMERICANS.

Obama, given charge of US economic growth, is a pathetic loser.

Obama has long given up on America. When Obama was born, never mind where, He hated America. Obama’s Friends and Relatives all hate America; and have always hated America. The US dollar is a symbol of failed capitalism and the failed free market system.

He is looking for more crises with which he will open up your pocket-book even further. Crisis comes often, now in America. Crisis is the currency of Obama.

Before Obama, America was the standout driver of global economic growth. After Obama, America sucks. Now there is a legacy.


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