The Kenyan Confiscates $20 BILLION Without Due Process

Obama’s pals SEIU and ACORN are FLUSH, now. After the latest crisis.

Obama never thought much of the US Constitution. It wasn’t the ideals of the US Constitution that made America great, Obama thinks; it was thievery inherent in the capitalist system.

Therefore – POTUS is thoroughly entitled to CONFISCATE what he can (without due process) from any capitalist interest, and give the proceeds to his pals WHO HAVE GROSSLY UNDERFUNDED THEIR MEMBERS RETIREMENT PLANS.

Obama cannot stop the oil leak; nor does Obama care to stop the oil leak. Obama will use the oil leak to damage or destroy free market enterprise as the opportunities present themselves.

International assistance, willingly offered? OBAMA DISDAINS IT because Obama’s collectivist ambitions are much more important than the welfare of the citizens of the gulf coast and of America. Oil containment booms? WHO NEEDS THEM, ponders the Obama-god. We have a crisis to milk for political advantage! The new modus operandi of the United States Government. Once, there was a system of checks and balances. Never more, quoth Obama.

Obama’s personal pay czar Ken Feinberg will dispose of the $20 Billion – he is independent and transparent, according to The Kenyan, who appointed him (actually it was Obama’s tax cheat treasury czar Tim Geithner).


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