Obama’s Post-American Legacy: Anarchy

In Obama’s post-America, a nation without borders, anarchy will rule.

Above all, Obama must insure that drug cartels are not victims of racism (or being stopped at the border). Protecting America is not a reasonable priority; in view of Obama’s greater goal.

Arizona Sheriff: Mexican Drug Cartels Now Control Parts Of Arizona

These are our genius federal bureaucrats at work: instead of erecting a fence, they put up signs warning American citizens to stay away — implicitly tolerating the corridors that expedite the flow of drugs into the U.S.

And these are the very same sort of illegal aliens that President Obama has ordered authorities to handle with kid gloves in country-club like facilities: minimum security detention centers, dance classes, hanging plants, open Internet access and free phones among the benefits.

It’s sheer, unmitigated insanity.


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