Oil Crisis – Opportunity For Obama

Every crisis is an opportunity for Obama!

If jihadists attacked New York tomorrow morning, that would amount to an opportunity for Obama.

Obama found his opportunity – every bit of it – in America – not in Pakistan, not in Indonesia, not in Kenya.

(What kind of opportunity would Obama have in Europe, or China? He is a laughingstock in these places).

But America requires Obama’s surgical modification (change)! Everywhere else is perfect!

Americans are Obama’s prize suckers. “Energy independence” is an inside joke at the Obama administration. Obama did tell the truth once – he will “skyrocket” energy costs to Americans. Now he has a crisis appropriate for his mission. He got his crisis; you get skyrocketing energy costs! Such a deal. You will be expected to rejoice; you and your progeny can thank Obama crisis management for your energy – if you can get any.

More here: Obama to Use Oil Spill Disaster to Renew Push for Cap & Trade – Manufactured Crisis, Domestic Terrorism by Default


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  1. We’re going to really enjoy our $7 a gallon gas, aren’t we?

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