Obama Oil Crisis

Obama could close the oil crisis down, like his Soviet mentors did, quick and very clean, with a nuke, deep under the ocean floor.

Such ideas will not be discussed; Obama has another wonderful crisis at his disposal. Allahu akhbar. To snuff it out, prematurely, would amount to wasting it.

Sea life, beaches, estuaries, shores, are not a concern – Obama smells a crisis he can exploit to further his ideal post-America. The bigger the crisis, the more Obama can do that which he didn’t think he could do before. As if Obama hasn’t done quite enough already.

Obama will nurture his oil crisis, so he can extract every statist, socialist, Marxist, Alinskyite furtherance possible.

Obama is a genuine Community Organizer; as in ACORN. He is THE PROFESSOR of Marx-Alinskian political process.

Obama will give you all the oil you can stand, and much more, as long as in doing so his political power is magnified; his political alternatives expanded.

More here: Obama to Use Oil Spill Disaster to Renew Push for Cap & Trade – Manufactured Crisis, Domestic Terrorism by Default


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