Obama Expels Arizona From Federation

The US Constitution defines the contract between federal government, and the states.

Here is what Obama thinks about the US Constitution; which he also swore to defend!

The US Constitution burdens the federal government with the provision of a border for all the states.

This must be the “deep flaw” Obama is talking about (or is there something else, like failure to fund ACORN vote fraud).

When a state, Arizona, takes action to provide its own borders, which Obama’s federal government REFUSES to do, Obama attacks the state, frivolously (cost is no object, during the Obama depression, either)!

Kenyan (as described by his wife) Obama has discovered deep flaws (plural) in the US Constitution; and he will not brook them.

To be precise, Obama is treading freely in general on the US Constitution; like his longstanding mentors (Ayers, Wright, Rashid Ismail Khalidi and dozens more like them) tread on the American flag.

Obama’s judgement in re: the US Constitution is seriously deficient. He has the cart on the wrong side of the horses. The ideological enemy, the principal antagonist, of the US Constitution is now in charge of defending it.

The other states are lining up to be expelled from Obama’s defunct federation.

Incidentally, Obama, the original US Constitution does certainly instruct federal government what it must do for Americans. You missed it. You say it is not there.

The federal government must provide a border. If you are ignorant of the direction of the US Constitution to provide borders, what vital but constitutionally unspecified service can you force reliably onto Americans? Voter fraud? Cash for clunkers? Drugs into Arizona? Government health rationing? Child prostitution from central America? You are a past master at providing all of these, loser. We should let you re-write the US Constitution? Maybe you can help in Kenya. You’re spending our grandchildren’s cash to write your co-nationals a constitution. Probably no borders, right; like Mexico? Must be a doozy. In fact, it is a doozy.

A constitution crafted by social and economic expert (and affordable mortgage, community con-man) Obama; these are wonderful times.


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