Obama Laughs At You

The most powerful man in America IGNORES what Americans think. (He does worry about what jihadists and Iranian mullahs think, though).

Obama knows what Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn taught him. Americans can be changed, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU DISLIKE THE PROCESS.

How ironic. Americans thought Obama was out to change EVERYBODY ELSE. Now you know the truth: Obama is out to change YOU. YOU are squirming, now. Obama’s swager-stick, government run health care, across your face doesn’t feel as good as you expected, does it? Obama will now bring you more illegal aliens. As many more as he can find. ALL OF THEM Obama will bring. More illegal aliens will vote for Obama than for the status quo folks (who accept you as you are). You can pay for ALL of Obama’s illegal alien’s emergency room treatment, FOREVER. This is Obama change. And Obama doesn’t care what you think about it.

Obama is a nuclear freight-train speeding to a rendezvous with the NEW Obamasite POST-AMERICA, no matter what you think. He doesn’t care if the train explodes; it is just another crisis he and Rahm can exploit.

Obama doesn’t give one hoot if you complain to pollsters. It just shows how ignorant you are, in Obama’s mind. You are fighting the inevitable.
Obama is in control.

Obama Approves Massive Disaproval

H/T: Investigating Obama Overthrow Obama: A Compendium (Ooops – I think I forget the query indication in the link/post title).


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