See You at the Emergency Room

The ingenuous concept of government run medicine (working particularly well in Greece and Cuba) was described as a cost savings by its genius designers.

Now that government run medicine is law, the democrats can tell us what is in the law. Or will they ever tell the truth? Has Obama* redefined concealment and prevarication as the standard for government operation (yes).

A widely touted and key advantage of government run medicine was that emergency rooms would be unburdened. This was BEFORE government run medicine was law.

Democrat geniuses now have come to another conclusion regarding emergency room utilization under Obamacare.

New immigrants entering across the southern border will still use the emergency rooms under Obamacare. They generally do not have doctors.

Nor will Obamacare add to the supply of doctors; au contraire, American doctors will judiciously move their practices to Costa Rica.

No matter how much Obama charges you to dispense free health care to the indigent or to illegal aliens, these will not have primary doctors. Emergency rooms are going to be inundated, even democrat geniuses now admit.

But guess what else.

Top Corporations Announce They Will Likely Give Up Health Care Coverage

Obamacare will NOT facilitate you retaining your present medical coverage, or your present primary doctor, either. Workers at top American corporations will be looking for new doctors, too. When the top American corporations abandon their health plans, the smaller companies will already have done so – or they will be out of business which is also fine with Obama. And under Obamacare, we will have fewer doctors, not more; according to immutable laws of economics (supply and demand) which even democrats cannot invent again.

Here is Obama, explaining as only he can (lying profoundly) that government run medicine will not finance abortions:

But the law we recently received says it will.

Then there’s the small matter of paying for government run medicine.

Government will be expanded to oversee medicine and emergency rooms and health insurance. Nobody with an ounce of common sense can expect government to be more efficient than the average health insurance company; or the typical medical cooperative.

Now that government run medicine is the law, government conspirators can tell us that government run medicine will cost hundreds of billions of dollars more than falsely advertised.

Government conspired to keep the true cost of Obamacare a secret; BEFORE the law was passed.

Such a principled government will undoubtedly provide improved medical care compared to your present doctor, right? WRONG.

Next, government will appoint unqualified doctors, trained under its affirmative action initiative.

Like government lied about the cost of Obamacare and lied about emergency rooms and lied about abortions, government will lie about the qualifications of your doctor, if you are lucky enough to find one.

See you at the emergency room.

Abortion Opponents Are Fighting Language in Obamacare Bill That Obama Said Would Not Be Included in the Bill

Top Corporations Announce They Will Likely Give Up Health Care Coverage

*PS: Marxist Alinsky taught Obama well (posthumously). Why tell the truth? There is no reason for it. You must lie to get what you want. You just have to be a convincing liar. There is no more convincing liar than Obama.


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