Obama Defines Himself (video)

In no uncertain terms, Obama told us before his election what he was and what he believed.

Americans were not listening; now that Obama has put the US government in charge of rationing your health care, just as he promised to do, Americans don’t remember that Obama promised it all. Remember everything Obama tolds us. It is history that must not be forgotten. Of course, there were a few boilerplate lies thrown in, like the obligatory malarky about not increasing taxes. But even some elite “conservative” talk show hosts were describing Obama as a centrist; in spite of everything Obama told them and us.

At least remember that Obama told us what he was, before America elected him. Almost NOBODY took Obama at his word!

What did Obama say he was? Some of it is here, H/T: Investigating Obama A special thanks to Glenn Beck and Fox News for The One Thing, an impeccable series that can be accessed quickly from this link also.

Investigating Obama home page has much more.


One Response

  1. I watched this Glenn Beck video today and totally agree. Check out my recent post on Obamacare at http://www.wordpress.idlechameleon.com.

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