Obama To Tax Home Sales 3.8% (update)

Update: US income tax law is too complicated already for anyone to understand, including the IRS and tax accountants. Tax courts have not a clue to this maze of conflicting spaghetti. However, Obamacare DOES impose a tax when you sell your house, under complicated circumstances that are too difficult to understand by anybody.

Let’s just leave it at this: Obama has his foot across your throat; AND YOU DON’T EVEN WANT HIS GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE. You want real, American health care; not a broken Cuban-inspired version.

I think that’s a fair report about burying taxes secretly in fraudulent socialist “legislation.” Snopes has more.


Selling you house? Better hurry.

Obama will tax your home sales 3.8% so all illegal aliens can have abundant free health care.

Obama who promised no tax increases.

The Obama administration is a disaster of unprecedented proportions.

Story here: Gateway Pundit Obamacare Includes Tax on Home Sales


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