Twin Towers Replacement: Mosque and Islam Cultural Center

The much heralded “religion of peace” will replace the Twin Towers with a mosque, and an Islamic Cultural Center.

My guess is that the $100 Million cash will come from the vast hoard of unexpended “stimulus” funds Obama has diverted (stolen) and amassed in his reelection coffers.

New York Morons (capital M) want their daughters to marry handsome Muslim polygamists and experience clitorectomy. Obama change. Islamic culture which is ? Stoning women with a sun-tan qualifies in New York as culture?

The “religion of peace” is actually the religion of conquest; but we knew that. In New York, this amounts to “culture.”

$100 million mosque slated for site near Ground Zero

Ethel C. Fenig

“Because,” as New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg warned last week, “we must not condemn one group for the actions of one distorted individual,”…or something like that

Two Muslim groups that say they want to promote better understanding of their religion and heal the wounds from Sept. 11 are drawing close to constructing a $100-million mosque and Islamic cultural center in the shadows of the World Trade Center site.

according to Bart Jones of Newsday.

Well, that should certainly add to the economy of New York by providing all those construction jobs. How nice. Now, just where will they get all this money?

Placing the center close to the site of the late World Trade Center will not promote healing and as for promoting a “better understanding of their religion” it would certainly be a constant reminder of the evil it’s capable of.

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11 Responses

  1. I say… BULLSHIT!

  2. Sorry to see you spreading hateful propaganda against this minority in the U.S.

    • Does your celebrated minority recognize the laws of the United States, as its own laws?

      It does not, to a wide extent.

      If they don’t accept the laws, they should leave.

      Instead, they send out Americans in caskets, by the thousands.

    • You calling spreading hatred but it doesn’t change the truth. Just because they are a minority doesn’t make it less true. Stop hiding behind you name calling tools. If their is friction between minorities its friction incited by the minorities, so they should take their medicine and move on.

  3. wow this is like spiting in are faces .its a joke !!

  4. this doesnt make any sense. what did we even go to war for, if the US wanted to make peace this is a terrible way of doing it

  5. what r y’alls problems, this nation has been building on lands where thousands of people were killed for their own land. HOMELAND SECURITY “Fighting Terrorism since 1492” Tribal Sovereign-Tees************************************whats the saying “United We Stand” thats a joke, i hope God forgives this country for all its evils, by the way born in Texas U.S citizen.

  6. Bunch of crying Babies.

    If its so bad in America, I’m sure you can find a better place to live in this world. I suggest you move there and find something else to complain about.

    God does forgive nations who turn back to him, I suggest you learn forgiveness as well, that bitterness is hurting only you.

    We can turn this country around, but it takes second generation to do it and the proper vote, its why its so crazy now, Radical Left has controlling interest right now.

    Done here…

  7. Bugger! Obama wasn’t the Man we’d thought he’d be!
    Why not build a Christian centre/church there?
    Why Muslim? Who are they? What are they?
    I don’t recall Jesus being a Muslim? nor being converted to one?
    – This is hillarious! I hope this “flashback” plays on Judgement Day!
    Obama … Urrrgghhhhh….

  8. Let’s not forget that this country was founded in a Christian way. In God we trust.

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