Obama Assault on New York

Obama’s State Department is the primary vehicle used for jihadist attacks against New York.

All known jihadist attacks against New York have been virtually approved in advance by the Obama State Department or its predecessors.

Detroit has not been so lucky; to actually be attacked by Obama-approved vermin. Soon, Detroit, your time will come (read on).

The Obama Department of State accomodates ANY terrorists who demand entry into the United States, for the purpose of attacking New York. To deny access for the purpose of attacking New York would amount to insulting radical Arabs which is inconsistent with Obama’s “change.”

Oh; what a coincidence. The Obama Department of State approves ANY alien invader as long as she/he might vote for Obama; he/she need not bring drugs or weapons or even attack New York. Illegal aliens are OK with Obama.

But if illegal aliens do bring drugs and weapons, that is fine with the Obama Department of State; as long as the intruders are likely Obama voters. There is no, nada, Obama government border enforcement.

Americans, and capitalists, are responsible for all humanitarian violations, according to the Obama Department of State. All (100% of hopeful invaders) are good, by Obama’s new definition of “change”. Change apparently means murder.

Of course, the US Constitution is obsolete.

Hope and change, from Obama.

Freedom may not recover from the Obama insult against New York and against the United States. Detroit is already the waste of Obama. The waste of New York is Obama’s undeniable desire.


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