Cutsie Communist

When communism was and is espoused by Bill Ayers, Obama’s mentor, it is not so cute.

When communism was espoused by Cuban murderer Che Guevara, Democratics hung his picture.

When communism is advocated, however cutely by Obama, remember that Obama doesn’t stop with just advocating this demonstrated, proven monstrosity.

Obama’s assault on free markets and capitalism is unparalleled, since Mao’s great march.

Obama does not just cutely work in an off-the-cuff communist proverb here and there among his seemingly casual remarks – Obama lavishly implements this failed hokum, without regard for its historical, disastrous, results. We should also note, Obama implements communism, not so stealthily, with utter disregard for the US Constitution, which he considers obsolete.

Obama is not just the token communist president. Obama has already destroyed more free market economy than Mao, Lenin, and Stalin, et al, combined. And he demonstrates not the slightest sign of relenting; Obama will now attack the American energy industry with the ferocity of the Red Army.

There is no industry beyond the range of communist Obama’s destruction radar. One by one, crises will be created or will present themselves, and each American free market industry will be ravaged by Obama’s government run wild. We have no excuse for not recognizing Obama’s real intent, by now for sure.

The American economy is already practically beyond repair. How can we still doubt Obama’s ideological fixation?

Here it is, direct from Obama – only the latest Cutsie Communist Comment moment, off the teleprompter. Isn’t he cute?

H/T: Moonbattery Hell Yeah He’s a Communist

Also see: Hot Air Obama: “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”


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