Obama’s New Crisis

Obama Gratefully Accepts Another Crisis (From Allah PBUH)

Obama never lets a crisis go to waste, as he was trained from Chicagoan Saul Alinsky’s communist teachings.

Obama has now replaced and exceeded the original teacher.

Caution: Obama thinks Americans use too much energy; burn too much oil and gas. Obama thinks $4.50 gasoline is just fine for America, as long as the price sneaks up on us.

No more sneaking is necessary; a superior crisis has presented itself, like a ripened pomegranate. And Obama never lets a crisis go to waste.

Your energy prices are going to skyrocket, courtesy of Obama and communist Saul Alinsky.

That should help the economy (into another crisis).

Capitalism and free markets were always failures, weren’t they – like in Greece, which Obama-style public unions have cratered.


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