Tax-Cheat Tim Ponies Up YOUR Cash to World Bank

Geithner has been “infusing” or disposing of your cash EVERYWHERE; next opportunity for “infusing” your cash is THE WORLD BANK.

Actually, it’s not your cash. It is now your grandchildren’s cash that Geithner is infusing.

THE WORLD BANK makes a good case that it needs your GRANDCHILDREN’s CASH, Geithner and Obama maintain.

THE WORLD BANK is not and has not been a recipient of private donations from either Tax-Cheat Tim Geithner, or Kenyan (according to his wife) Obama.

Your grandchildren can handle this desperate requirement for $$$$CASH$$$$ from THE WORLD BANK. Kenya will decide how the cash is subsequently “infused.”

Geithner: ‘Compelling Case’ for Massive World Bank Funding Boost

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Sunday that the World Bank made a “compelling case” for a $3.5 billion funding boost, as he pledged $1.1 billion in U.S. funding.

“In the past months, the World Bank made a strong and compelling case for a new $3.5 billion capital infusion,” he said at a bank meeting in Washington, D.C., describing the institution as indispensable.

Geithner also said that World Bank members agreed to give emerging nations more say in how the bank is run and how its funds are disbursed.

“The new formula will better reflect the weight of the developing and transition countries in the global economy, while protecting the voice of the smallest and poorest countries,” he said.


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