Obama’s Business Model: Bilking People

Obama, student of Alinsky, and the most profound and prolific liar ever produced by Kenya (according to his wife Obama is a Kenyan) has his opinion on capitalists: They bilk people.

Capitalism only succeeds to the extent it bilks somebody. Economics as understood by Obama (media-certified genius) is a zero-sum game – if capitalists have won, than Obamasites have been bilked.

The triumph of capitalism in the world since the invention of Communism occurs only because capitalists bilk people. The communists didn’t bilk people, thus were overpowered by the bilking capitalists. This is why Obama can finally make Communism work – he is profoundly skilled at bilking people, where the failed communists didn’t try it.

Government strongarming banks to write bad mortgages is totally justified, in the mind of Obama. The bankers are capitalists, and they became fat and rich only by bilking Obamasites. The justice of strongarming banks to write bad mortgages is a thing of ultimate, symmetry and beauty; a simultaneous victory on two fronts. The former victim Obamasite mortgagors get the cash of the bilking, capitalist mortagees, in a single stroke; and never have to pay it back; while the capitalist bilkers have to eat the bad loans (which government promised to underwrite, but reneged).

Obama must fight fire with fire apparently – bilking America to abandon the finest health care system in the world, bar none, in exchange for Medicare, round 2 called Obamacare.

The cost numbers Obama has used to bilk America (the American congress, at least) are already turning up false (below, and see here)! Remember Obama insisted with grave certainty that his triumph Obamacare would vastly decrease the government spending deficit. Not a chance; the numbers are wrong! The numbers are always wrong. The master bilker is at work here.

Obama is bilking America. Maybe “bilking” is Obama’s business model; and it surely seems to be his personal forte; and he needs to believe that all capitalists bilk people also. Obama is just more skilled and refined about it. All private business bilks people; Obama will save his Obamasites from private business by eliminating private business.

Bilking people is all Obama can do. He has no industry except bilking. He is expert in zero-sum economics -and its implication which is bilking.

ObamaCare Shortfalls Have Already Begun

Posted by Van Helsing at 10:04 AM | Comments (12)

How much money will Big Government have to expropriate from us to finance “high-risk pools”? Don’t ask Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, aka the Abortion Queen — she admits she has no idea:

At least we know this much: it will be a lot more over the next 4 years than the $5 billion that was budgeted. But of course, anyone with more brains than a turnip already knew that every aspect of ObamaCare would end up costing us many times more than originally claimed.

here, check it out.


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