Obama’s Number 1 Problem: America

With much characteristic stammering and stuttering, Obama is beginning to gain an ability, however crude, to articulate his concerns for the world.

We have not much detail from Obama yet; but from this (below) we can gather that Obama’s main concern for the world is: America!

Perhaps this explains Obama’s ferocious, voracious, assault on America via our economy. Could it explain his compulsive bowing decorum, also?

If Obama is unchecked, the world will have little to fear from America, except pandemic worldwide economic ruination.

But Obama is expert in handling crises; his teacher was Alinsky.

It is a cruel absurdity of providence that Obama is not president of Kenya. Obama’s profound enmity (or is it envy?) of America would do far less harm to Kenya and all the rest, if this were the case.


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