Government Medicine, Obamacare, Is Broken Already

If this summary of Massachusetts government administrated health care is even 1/3 accurate, we are screwed.

My experience is that government administrated anything costs more and produces less useful service. These results are what we should have expected, anyway.

Wait time in Boston: 50 days to see the doctor? That is a crime – and there is no alternative for the citizens. Looks like it is the government health care that is broken! But we knew that already. I guess under Obamacare/government medicine, you will of necessity go to the emergency room! You won’t even try to see your own doctor, if it takes 50 days to get in.

Government administrated health care costs much more; and after 50 days, you likely won’t need to see the doctor any more. That sums up the Massachusetts lesson on government health care.

H/T: Moonbattery ObamaCare’s Lengthy Scheduling Delays and Higher Costs

Bottom line: we’re screwed, and we had the data right in front of us vis a vis Massachusetts all along. But we knew that already.


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