Bigots, Shut Up

Bigots, shut up

Anybody who believes the United States of America should have borders is a racist and a bigot.

The US Constitution says the United States of America should have borders; but Premier Obama has stricken that pathetic failed document down (along with free enterprise and private property) because he doesn’t like it.

Far too many Americans are bigots. Matter of fact, bigotry is distinctly an American characteristic, as Obama and Michelle will tell you. That is why America is always described as a “melting pot” by progressive educators. Americans should have already REMELTED now in some OTHER direction specified by Premier Obama, depending on who decides to come here for free Obamacare. Could be a lot of Cubans needing health care, but whatever. Be flexible. And, open your pocket-books, greedy Americans. For example, maybe you should adopt shariah which is the law of Premier Obama’s favorite religion. Melt, correctly this time, or else.

Story here: Lindsey Graham & Chuck Schumer Set to Introduce Amnesty Bill

Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are set to push their amnesty plan “any day now.”
Irish Central reported, via Free Republic:

. . .

Obama, who has said he hopes to tackle immigration reform by year’s end, has called Republican support necessary to enact changes. A Democrat-sponsored House bill would offer a path to legal status for the estimated 10.6 million people in the country illegally. Plans for a similar Senate bill have the stated support of just one Republican — Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., with some Republicans indicating they might filibuster to prevent passge.

Schumer and Graham set to introduce immigration reform bill in Senate (“Si se puede”)

Personally, I am going to Costa Rica for my health care from now on. Until Obama screws that up, too. Costa Ricans are not bigots, in my experience (unless I forget to pay the bill).

Lindsey Graham has figured it out. Americans don’t own being Americans! Now there’s a thought.


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