First Lady: Obama’s Home Country Is Kenya

Surprise, journalists. Even Michelle Obama is a birther.

Since Americans are despicable among Michelle Obama’s associates, it is no wonder she prefers to be married to a Kenyan.

And remember, Michelle Obama was never proud to be an American a day in her life, also according to herself.

Here is our situation. The Obamas are perfectly free to disparage America in the process of distancing themselves a world apart from it; by denying their own citizenship of America when is suits them.

But a REAL AMERICAN who asserts Obama should produce a real birth certificate is an evil “birther.”

The Obamas are free to CLAIM citizenship elsewhere to suit their purpose of the moment. Americans are not free to suggest that we ought to know where elsewhere is, although the Constitution requires we know it, of our presidents.

Oh, well, the blessed Obamas don’t like America’s Constitution, either. So to heck with that idea.


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