Obama Spiritual Guide: 57% Of Americans Are Racists

The 57% or so of Americans who oppose Obamacare oppose it because they are racists.

Maybe Jeremiah Wright consulted with Trinity United Church of Christ Man Of The Year for 2007 Louis Farrakhan before coming to this conclusion.

Next, we’ll hear that Louis Farrakhan is the newest recess appointment of The Obama Administration to promote Obamacare.

Obama, Wright, Farrakhan, Frank Marshall Davis could NEVER be racists. They don’t, or wouldn’t oppose Obamacare.

It’s the nasty Americans, a majority of Americans, who oppose Obamacare.

It’s absolutely no wonder Mrs. Obama was never proud of America a day in her life.

More here: Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Health Care Law Opposition Based on Hatred for ‘People of Color’


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