Culture of Corruption – Post-Industrial Grade

As “democrats” destroy industry after industry in the United States, it is not surprising to hear them brag about their audacity.

The real “culture of corruption” is now at our necks (presuming “Obamacare” is “enacted”), not just at our pocket books.

The American government is now running wild, comfortably beyond control of the Constitution. America is now the victim, or SUBJECT, of its government, which was specifically to be prevented by the US Constitution, now apparently defunct. Formerly, government served America.

Democrats, the majority party, make up the rules to fit the circumstances; and then brag about it.

Impeached, ergo incompetent judges, MAKE UP THE RULES AS THEY GO.

Industrial strength corruption now dominates American government. No; it’s post-industrial strength corruption.

The failure of democracy is anarchy. That’s why we had a constitutional republic. HAD.

What we have now is complete, perfect, corruption in government. Anarchy and fascism follow, based upon history.

H/T: Gateway Pundit Top Democrat: “All This Talk About Rules… We Make Them Up as We Go Along” (Video)


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