How Government Will Decide Your Health Treatment

Obama’s FDA has APPROVED installation of computer chips INSIDE YOU.

The purpose is to ENHANCE government’s acuity in determining your health treatment according to its vagarious (uncertain) purposes.

(Vagarious: Given to, or characterized by, vagaries; capricious; whimsical; crochety. Affordable mortgages are GREAT one day, in government, and devastating the next).

Government can change the US Constitution with little notice, apparently. Health care can be changed against overwhelming public opinion! Putting computer chips inside you will come in handy with Obama at the central control.

Or whichever radical charasmatic politician seizes government at the moment.

Isn’t it about time to resume Constitutional government in these United States?

Story here: ObamaCare Lays Groundwork for Unprecedented Level of Totalitarianism


One Response

  1. Good article detailing how the American people feel about the health care plan…NOT the administration…isn’t that how it is supposed to be??

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