Radicalized Marxist now our President and Liar In Chief

Giving pot a bad name

Smoking pot with hard-working Marxist professors

100% in total agreement with Marxist professors, his close associates!

Expert in Marxism, Dr. John C. Drew, spills the beans (again) on Marxist Obama.

Why is Obama not tacking to the center?

You must hear and see this entire video.

Young Obama had virtually no roots in the African-American community.

“Barack Obama: Why does he like bigger and bigger houses?”

BIG SURPRISE (to idiots and journalists) Tax Increases for EVERYONE are now OK in the NOT ONE DIME Obama administration which has no memory because it is so smart!

Skyrocketing energy costs may be the only campaign pledge that Obama chooses to remember. Good thing the earth is warming (I am kidding you about the earth warming, doesn’t everyone?)

Dr. John C. Drew Video here: B-Cast Interviews Dr John C. Drew On Obama’s Early Marxist Years


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