Former Expert

15 short months ago, Obama was THE highly acclaimed (by journalists) expert in absolutely everything.

Let us count the ways.

Obama was expert in fixing health care.
Obama was expert in negotiating with Iran and Achmedinejhad.
Obama was expert in closing Guantanamo.
Obama was expert in replicating vastly superior mainland Chinese infrastructure.
Obama was expert in saving the Earth from global warming, by skyrocketing energy costs.
Obama was expert in American legal rights of terrorists.
Obama was expert in affordable mortgages.
Obama was expert in automobile manufacturing.
Obama was expert in securing the Olympics for Chicago.
Obama was expert in relations with Europe.
Obama was expert in getting lobbyists out of government.
Obama was expert in government transparency and openess.
Obama was expert in funding ACORN.
Obama was expert in change.

But Obama has failed in living up to every single facet of his astonishing journalism-certified personal acumen.

But, Obama is still and truly the reigning champion expert, of lying, of all history; and I see no possible more effective lying competition on the horizon.

Journalism’s annointed Christ-successor Obama can yet realize his potential. He will obviously become a journalist; since community organizing is too much like work.


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