Obama Botches KSM Trial

The perfect sequitur of “Obama” is “botches.”

Obama, Obama’s press secretary, AND Obama’s attorney general have arrogantly insisted to Americans, that KSM will be found guilty and executed.

Perhaps these fellows have an “in” with federal courts! (If they do, they have made the end of America).

NO FEDERAL JUDGE WILL PERMIT TRIAL OF KSM, as dimwits Obama, Holder, and Gibbs have promised.

These ultimate morons have PISSED on all possibility of fair trial. These heros of New York: Obama, Holder, and Gibbs, may have written a PASS for 9-11 mastermind KSM.

New York remains oblivious, what a surprise.

AP Photo: Trial not timely; jury tainted; interrogation illegal

Experts: Obama Administration’s Mishandling of 9/11 Trials Threatens Conviction

The Obama administration’s mishandling of the upcoming trial of confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is tainting any potential jury pool and crippling the ability of the civilian criminal justice system to guarantee a fair trial, according to experts. Both President Obama and his press secretary have said that Mohammed and his co-defendants would be tried, convicted and executed.

Judicial Watch President Thomas Fitton told Newsmax that “under our system, the argument that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has before a court asking the case be thrown out would be substantial. He would be able to claim Obama’s comments taint the prosecution and that their clients’ rights under the Speedy Trial Act had been violated. (AP Photo)


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