Obama justice – “Try and execute” KSM

Journalists assure us it is the clear intent of the Obama administration to “try and execute” KSM in the federal judiciary.

Now, I am certainly a cynic; but even I do not accuse our federal jurisprudence of pre-determining execution of Americans or civil criminals in trial.

This is a new idea. Possibly it is the “change” Obama has been promising.

When KSM is “tried and executed” a new method will be available to the Obama administration.

When KSM has been tried and executed, a new flexibility will be available to Obama’s government: trial and execution. This is change.

Where to try KSM? In every crisis, there is opportunity. So, make it a crisis.

Until recently, I presumed that America had a guiding philosophy. “Trial and execution” was not in it; matter of fact, “trial and execution” is antithetical in our system. Silly system.

Obama thinks there are too many humans already on earth. “Trial and execution” may be just another manifestation of Obama’s personal philosophy.

Now, upon examining the current output of media, I must admit, “trial and execution” is the new order in American jurisprudence.

A great victory for Obama.

I am somewhat appalled by this change.


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