Bolshevik Strategy Unveiled

The truth comes out, finally. Obama presents the truth, and sneers at it, as if it is a lie. The master of lies dusts off another age old liar’s trick.

Journalism absolutely goes wild; they remember nothing from debate class because they were out boozing with Nancy Pelosi, and didn’t attend debate class.

Obamacare IS a Bolshevik plan to nationalize a very critical 17% (more) of US economy.

Obama IS doing all kinds of crazy stuff that certainly will ruin America. (Starting with his plan to stop interrogating captured terrorists).

There IS a wild-eyed plot to impose huge government into every aspect of our lives.

I have to give Obama credit; he did come out with one howler during the clip: Obamacare is CENTRIST, now!


One Response

  1. It’s great that he mentioned it while trying to discredit it. But, we’ve know that for a long time now.

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