Does Obama’s State Illinois Owe You Money?

Does Obama’s State owe you a check every month?

Have you been relying on Illinois government for an income to live on?

There may be very bad news for you. Besides a legacy of rampant crime, unemployment, uninhabitable neighborhoods, Obama also left Illinois deeply in debt. Like he is doing now in Washington.

Illinois appears to be rapidly nearing bankruptcy. Does Illinois have a year, until a magic new government can unwind its deep-rooted fiscal problems?

I think the Olympics is not coming to Chicago – that was where Obama had his chestnuts. Obama failed on the Olympics. Obama was banking on the Olympics, for Illinois.

Will Illinois declare bankruptcy before California? Sounds like there is a good chance. Thank you, Obama.

Story here: Moonbattery As goes Illinois . . .?


One Response

  1. I believe that this is the intention. Bankrupt everything, blame it on capitalism, and install socialism.

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