Americans Build Industries, Obama Crushes Them

Some Americans build industries. Brilliant examples like Henry Ford and Bill Gates come easily to mind.

Other parties, not proven to be Americans, are determined to destroy those same industries, exactly like private industry was ground up in communist Russia and Red China. Communist Russia and Red China were smashing examples of economic success, and proved the soundness and applicability of communist dogma. Besides, crushing things gives little boys a great sense of power.

What happened to those economic lessons of statist communism? Is it that sophomoric student of history Obama remembers the smashing successes? No, he thinks he can do better. Just like he thinks he can help Senator Harry Reid of Nevada get re-elected. Hah. Obama’s delusions have gone far beyond dangerous and toxic.

Obama will now destroy the American Student Loan Industry, no matter lessons of history. No matter the disastrous fail of his administration and his statist policies so far. No matter the precipitous fall of his public support.

Your children need a student loan? They will get it from a government bureaucrat and Obama.

Where will Obama get his cash to make student loans after he has succeeded in destroying all private industry?

Details here: Obama to Nationalize Student Lending with Pending Budget Bill


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