Change Is Good For Voters; But Not Suitable For His Excellency


Change is good for US; why isn’t change so good for you?

If Obama goes to Nevada to campaign for Harry Reid, Obama will be LUCKY to see one full term.

Or if he don’t.

Can Obama change and save his presidency?

Jerry Philipson

The American people have just told Barack Obama that he will be a one term President unless he achieves results on the issues that matter most to them. They have also told him what those issues are.

That is the real message of the Republican victory in Massachusetts. It is far more than a repudiation of Obama’s efforts to reform health care in the United States. While the provision of improved health care resonates with Americans and Obama’s failure in this area was certainly a major contributing factor in the Democrats defeat it is also clear that his handling of national security, economic and foreign policy issues was repudiated as well and that national security concerns in particular played a decisive role in the election loss.


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