Franken’s Next Target For Bankruptcy: YOU

Who Can I Bankrupt Next?  Duh.

Who Can I Bankrupt Next? Duh.

Obama’s disciple Al Franken bankrupted Air America, a “progressive” talk site.

There is nothing to stop Al Franken now from bankrupting you.

Obama will sign anything Al Franken votes for, in a heart-beat.

Your life is in Al Franken’s hands!

You should have a word with them both.

Air America would not change. Al Franken will not change. Obama will not change. YOU should change?

Bankruptcy, or living in Obamaville, for us. But Obama will NOT CHANGE.

Progressive Talk Radio Channel Air America Closes Shop

The network once boasted hosts such as Al Franken and Rachel Maddow, but struggled from the outset, including multiple management shake-ups, a bankruptcy in 2006 and sale for $4.25 million the following year.

As goeth Air America, so goes America. THE SAME GUYS ARE RUNNING THE SHOW.


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