So Much Law

Update: Obama will NOT enforce immigration law against Haitians or anybody else.
Haitians here will have Protected Status, as do illegal immigrants from about five other countries. Which means Obama will not enforce immigations law. What a surprise.

Haitians who happen to find their way here can hope for the best. Free health care is at the emergency room, though. Illegal aliens beware: the health care in the US is broken.

Sorry; there isn’t any news, broken or unbroken, here at all.
(below is what the Obama news releases implied)

Breaking news

Now that there has been a huge earthquake in Haiti, Obama decides to enforce immigration law against Haitians. If they are not here already.

Is this man brilliant, or what?

Since immigration law has not been enforced in the past 30 years, Obama will have to come up with some cash, if he wants to enforce immigration laws. But Obama is broke, seriously broke.

What a clown. I am ROFLMAO.

No more Haitians


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