Preview of Obamacare in Action

Health care in the US is broken, the Chicago mafia tells us. But they know everything about how to fix it. In fact, you should just let them run it.

The Chicago mafia, a.k.a US Government, has fixed air travel (and some other industries) now.

See how effective the government solution typically is below. “Overract to small threats, ignore the big ones – that is what we do. And we do it better than anyone.” But not without a huge cost.

Soon a government department, or 200 of them, will be controlling every minute aspect of your health care if the Chicago mafia has its way. Navigating the hopeless TSA will be a cakewalk in comparison.

What does the TSA charge us for this stellar service we can always expect from government bureaucracy? The cost in airline delays alone is staggering.

When will TSA be fixed? Global warming will freeze over before TSA is fixed or even improved.

H/T: You Can Count on the TSA Moonbattery


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