Obama’s Government By Secrecy

Obama didn’t tell us that his government would operate behind closed doors, and in the darkness.

In the darkness is exactly where his government has operated, during his tenure as president.

Obama no longer mentions “transparency.” “Openness” has disappeared from his vocabulary like a thief disappears in the night.

Big unions join Nebraska, Louisianna, and a few other manipulative denizens of the Obama darkness in staking out a special share of the take.

Story here: More Details on Obama’s Big Bribe to Big Labor

Back when he was taken seriously as a politician, John Edwards used to talk about there being two Americas. Well it turns out, that’s a good description of life under President Obama. If you’re part of one America, you have to pay a tax if you receive generous health benefits. But if you’re part of the other America that has contributed handily to Democratic campaigns and has access to the White House, you can receive those same benefits without paying a tax . . .

The Obama administration and organized labor have reached a tentative agreement on the so-called Cadillac tax on high end health insurance plans, signaling that Democrats may soon be able to resolve their differences over how to finance health care reform.

Unions had opposed the measure, which, as originally designed, would have imposed a 40 percent excise tax on insurance policies that cost more than $23,000 for families, and $8,500 for individuals, indexed just above inflation.

Under the terms of the proposed deal, the threshold for families would be raised to $24,000, and would exempt certain benefits like vision and dental, according to a Democratic source.

Collectively bargained plans would be exempted until 2017 . . .

No; the Obama administration won’t publicize the disgusting details of Obamacare for 72 hours before Obama signs it. That was a promise from Obama. Can there be any wonder why not? The bill is unfit for disclosure; which Obama admits per se.

Which in the past, would have made it unfit for America. Not during government in the darkness, by Obama.

There is one voice in the government of Obama. It is the voice of the master of darkness, Obama himself. Objection will not be tolerated, by the lord of darkness.


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  1. Lies, deceit, backroom deals, all the hallmarks of corruption. He hasn’t even held a press conference since July.

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