Obama Alliances in Afghanistan – Change and Progress

Commander-in-Chief Obama knows most Taliban are very good upstanding folk who get along with Americans famously. (Or maybe Obama doesn’t like Americans much).

Commander-in-Chief Obama knows, and has informed his command carefully as to which Taliban are trustworthy, and which are not. Background checks would only radicalize more Muslims; Obama’s ACORN associates and NINJA (No Income, No Job, no Assets) mortgage “borrowers” and cabinet appointments (here is only one example from a veritable torrent of stinking Obama appointments – even cable media has noticed) know how irritating background checks can be.

Commander-in-Chief Obama is today paying off Taliban (see U.S. Attacks Taliban With Jobs, Cash Offers) with over-abundant American capitalist wealth not to fight against the Afghanistan government, and not to fight against Americans. Of course, the Taliban he pays off make their mark on a contract which Obama retains. So we get something valuable in exchange for our evil, ill-gotten American dollars (which Obama warns the new Taliban allies to spend quickly before he inflates it).

The Taliban which Commander-in-Chief Obama has paid off then go quickly to Iran and purchase IEDs and RPGs to assist American forces (into the infernal regions of Islam).

Commander-in-Chief Obama has also stressed to his command in Afghanistan an urgent requirement to rely on local alliances. This will also assist in training Commander Obama’s friendly Taliban in weapons use.

Commander-in-Chief Obama has also reminded his command in Afghanistan that searching Muslims only “radicalizes” them (pisses them off).

That’s why Obama’s TSA doesn’t search Muslims boarding flights from Amsterdam and other perfectly safe locations. Not searching Muslims makes them your friend and ally and reverses any radicalization they might have experienced through no fault of their own but which radicalization is totally caused by American arrogance. (It’s all in the Qu’ran). Mrs. Obama also has a deep understanding of Islam and has helped Obama develop this more enlightened military strategy; and she is also a very successful attorney. (Americans should continue submitting to preflight searches; and Obama would also like a pre-boarding check-over of your genitalia and what-have-you, thanks very much).

This Obama military procedure is working out well also for the CIA; CIA is now able to cut payroll in Afghanistan substantially as a result. Obama has praised CIA and TSA on not pissing Muslims off. CIA and TSA were proud and happy with the praise of the Commander-in-Chief. (Whoops, a typo here – Obama praised himself, and was happy with the praise – the editor).

The new Obama enlightened military initiative is going well in Afghanistan (for some more than others – you pick the winners).

CIA base attacked in Afghanistan

The assailant, wearing an explosives belt under his clothes, apparently was allowed to enter the small base after offering to become an informant, according to two former agency officials briefed on the attack. The CIA declined to comment on the circumstances behind the incident, and it was unclear whether the bomber chose the base because of its role in supporting CIA airstrikes against top al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders in the region.

The blast early Wednesday evening in the eastern province of Khost killed seven CIA officers and contractors, including the base chief, and seriously wounded six others in what intelligence officials described as a devastating blow to one of the agency’s key intelligence hubs for counterterrorism operations. It was the deadliest single day for the agency since eight CIA officers were killed in the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut.

(/sarc) Obama is an incredibly incompetent and inept commander-in-chief who places all Americans in danger around the world, from combat zones to Detroit. Obama is particularly soft on terrorism, besides political crooks. The enemy knows Obama and is taking serious advantage from Obama’s profound weaknesses.


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  1. I always come back to the same question, is Obama that naive, or is it intentional?

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