Obama Starts Off 2010 Right

Obama cleverly starts the new decade on the right foot (flat on his backside).

Obama’s efforts to build post-America by destroying American industry, free markets, and currency, are reaping large benefits as measured by exploding strong disapproval among Americans. Self-defeatism is the characteristic bogeyman of the latest edition (Obama/Alinsky’s) of statist dogma, too.

Obama is in optimal position to close out his first year in office at a staggering strong disapproval surplus over strong approval of 24% or even slightly higher. This is our prediction; we think the suicidal nature of Obama’s “defense” (aka anti-security) planning has not yet been comprehended by likely voters – who have scarcely had time to fully digest Obama’s massive, incredible spending deficits and debt.

We can have every confidence in Obama’s political sensitivity. In Obama’s tin brain, terrorists sworn to destroy America (even more explosively than in Obama’s plan) deserve every consideration and courtesy and even aid, at whatever expense to Americans, mortal or not.

Soon Democrats will be reactivating their KKK memberships and ironing their robes. These socialist engineers are quite capable of running Obama out of the White House in tar and feathers with little outside encouragement.

Obama's Strong Foundation For Change

Obama's Strong Foundation For Change


2 Responses

  1. The longer he is in office, the more the world see’s that there is nothing of substance to this man.

  2. Not to mention, trying to cover up terrorist events as ‘isolated incidents’. Is this guy really that stupid? Is someone telling him this? Or is he just trying to save his own ass?

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