Islamic Supremacist Khalid Mansour Paid for Obama’s Harvard Law Degree

Details of Obama’s personal history, including birth, citizenship, education, voting records, remain deep dark secrets of the Obama administration (the most ever OPEN and TRANSPARENT Obama administration).

Is Obama obesiant to the caliphate? Percy Sutton says Obama was purchased by radical Islam. Obama persistently ignoring today’s extremely important revolution in the Islamic Republic of Iran is just another perfect indication that this is so. However, the indication is far from isolated.

Must read story here: Percy Sutton dies; His Obama revelation omitted from obituaries

(Thomas Lifson at American Thinker)


2 Responses

  1. It would be extremely important to verify these claims. If they would be, it would be a bombshell, and another story for the MSM to ignore.

  2. Media, MSM, journalists would do everything possible to block such an investigation, seems to me.

    Investigative journalism need not apply in Obamaland.

    Obama himself can provide any data necessary; as far as journalism is concerned. If he doesn’t provide it, it’s not necessary.

    Sort of like 1919 Russia.

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