Tyrannical Obama Government Criticized, Aptly

Obama has destroyed these American industries in only one year in office (note: Ben Nelson has been purchased as of this morning with earmarks, like Mary Landrieu and others. Obama promised no earmarks; Obama promised openess and transparency).

Health care – formerly the finest (bar none) health care system in the world
Health insurance – lights out
Automobile manufacturing – now fully owned by unions and government (Ford survives for the moment)
Mortgage loan industry – loans money to whomever Obama specifies, mostly ACORN and SEIU ninja loans.
Other banking industry – Obama now decides all executive pay – think about it
Wall Street – firmly under Obama’s thumb
Destruction by Obama imminent:
Energy industry – no more coal mining, soon if Obama gets his way. Oil, same deal.
Medical equipment
Military contracting

We are at the end of the free market road, ladies and gentlemen. Unless great Americans like Lt. Colonel Allen West are heeded now, today:

More here: SBVOR America’s Best Hope?


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