Illinois Gets Obama’s Boobie Prize

Obama’s Marxist cronies (Valerie Jarrett et al) in Chicago were heavily invested in local real estate, in anticipation that Obama would be able to bring the 2016 Olympics home for them.

At great taxpayer expense, and with a carbon footprint the size of the big dipper, Obama made his pitch at Copenhagen, and was laughed out.

$Millions and $Millions of greedy capitalist profits were denied to the government cronies.

What can Obama do to make it up to his retainers in Chicago, and Illinois?

How about jailing the gitmo detainees, Illinois? Does that ring your bells?

**Exclusive** Leaked Justice Department Memo: Terrorists To Be Moved to Camp Gitmo Illinois Big Government

by Publius
The Land of Lincoln may still be licking its wounds–and certain real estate transactions–over Chicago’s losing the Olympics to Rio, but the Obama Administration has delivered up a small consolation prize: the state’s very own federal prison for terrorists. Big Government has received what is claimed to be a leaked DOJ memo that was allegedly sent yesterday from Eric Holder’s Department of Justice to Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Memo below:

Thompson memo


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