Moron: Jihadists will go away, if we ignore them.

The “vast” Muslim-American community, making up about 1% of the total population, has seamlessly integrated jihad inside America. Seamlessly, indeed.

With Christians, comes obnoxious practices like not aborting children. With Muslims, comes jihad. Wherever Islam goes, there goes jihad. There goes honor-killing. Obama will take the jihad, and the honor-killing; failing to abort children is not his cup of tea, however.

If we ignore the honor-killing, and the jihad, it will go away. The sophism of Obama has no limit.

H/T: Winds of Jihad Enemy Agent Hussein Obama calls jihadists “fiercely loyal Muslims with outstanding achievements


2 Responses

  1. The head in the sand approach worked so well for Carter, didn’t it.

    And look at the vid. The still image that youtube shows makes the POTUS look very very HIGH, doesn’t it?

    • I think he seems weary, no bone-tired, from so much lying.

      Obama is trying to join his good friends on the Arabian peninsula and become a major exporter of jihad, too. He is well on the way.

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