Obama’s save the jihadists initiative gets traction

Obama’s unprecedented “save the jihadists” initiative is gaining momentum.

Following the $300 Billion “save the jihadists” program startup from highly efficient if lavish Porkulus funding, Americans are now heeding Obama’s lead to make friends with a jihadist, today. Now this is job creation, Obama-style. Ten jobs were created/saved in zip code HELP-OBAMA through the progress of this program.

Obama asks you to do your part. Obama will send you your own piece of the World Trade Center in recognition.

(Hey, it probably will happen next year – after all, Obama is lustily making friends with the Taliban, not to mention Achmedinejad! These people are not like greedy capitalists or Christian evangelists or anything really bad. Next you will hear from Obama – foreign aid for Taliban. That’s how Obama plans to get out of Afghanistan after 18 months. He’ll just borrow the money from China by mortgaging Texas, then send the cash over to the Taliban. Obama telegraphs his moves well in advance, but you have to listen and watch.)

Moonbattery: Save The Freedom Fighters


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